The Growing Throng

The Anglo-Saxons warband for SAGA grows, with more Thegns flocking to my banner. These Warriors help fill in the big units that Anglo-Saxons armies like to field. Why do I find myself drawn to armies that use huge masses of troops?!

The shields are hand-painted. The most common symbol is of course the Cross, but reference pics show plenty of variety, as well as simpler color field and quartered shields. I really like how the charging spearman with the ‘bear’ pictogram (from the second pic) came out.

Mixed in to the Warriors are a few with great axes. These will fill the role of ‘unit champion’ for the Warrior bands, but also will serve as Hearthguard carrying Dane Axes when I field the army as Anglo-Danes. I added a detail pic of one Thegn with his shield on his back, presumably issuing a challenge or directing his men. He also carries a horn for such occasions. He wears a different style of shield to help differentiate him as well.

The Warriors for the warband are nearly finished. Next up, Levy spear and bow. I’ll probably paint up extra spear, in case I want to field 2 units of 12-man Levies.


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