The Coming Thunder

Another Rhino joins the Black Templar Space Marines. This time it’s a Mark II, the current style of Rhino. It shares its ancient brethren’s markings and symbols, with a slightly different color scheme in key places. This kit has the addition of a Templars bit for the front plate; otherwise it’s right out of the box.

The Rhino is being built so that the client can use it as either a Rhino or a Razorback. Thus, the to plate doors are not glued in, and can be replaced with a lascannon turret if needed (I will take some pics when that part is finished). The client also wanted a detailed interior.The storm bolter on the pintel is loose, capable of being elevated. The other hatch has a magnet on the inside, for attaching various extra equipment like a hunter-killer missile or command dish.

I went with a neutral beige color for the inside panels and wall, to avoid too much contrast and for ease of painting. The control panel is covered in technical wizardry, with plenty of color, and the walls and doors are adorned with the proper litanies, which carries over on to the outside plates.

One thing I’ve learned painting the last two Rhinos is how hard it is to maintain a consistent smooth coat of black. The smooth flat plates somehow vary a lot in how the paint sits on it, and some parts required repeated primer undercoats to achieve any sort of consistency.


3 Responses to “The Coming Thunder”

  1. I really like your attention to detail inside the cockpit. Especially because other painters would have neglected it due to it not being visible. The idea of having litanies on the walls is great, too.

    • Anopheles Says:

      Thanks. All that flat space cried out for something on it, and the script would match the outside plating. I figured the litanies would be something the passengers would read right before the door opens and they charge into battle. Probably rites of hatred and rage, or the Catechism of Proper Use of Frag Grenades…

  2. Iron Commander Says:

    I agree, your work in the cockpit is outstanding. I really like the white sections on the outside of the Rhino as well; the consistency of the white is perfect and these sections totally jump out at you. Excellent work!

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