Storm of Fire

The Black Templars make planetfall in a hail of storm bolters and assault cannons…

Adding to the ongoing Templar force for a client, here are members of a Tactical Terminator Squad. The full unit is designed for 10 members, with options for Assault Cannons, Heavy Flamer, and/or Cyclone Missile Launchers. The first few members were painted quite some time ago, as test schemes (see previous posts). The Assault Cannons pic has 2 angles of both Marines.

The members follow the usual color scheme, with extra purity seals, icons, lots of honor markings and trophies. The wide open plating allows for tons of scripture and text. Some members have the extra rondels on their pauldrons (the little shields over the armpit joint) with personal icons and decorations.

The Sergeant gets a nicely decorated shoulder pad, with extra purity seals. I chose a bare head from the Sternguard Veteran box to make him stand out form the rest of the squad. I painted him to sort of resemble Lord Commander Mormont from the Night Watch, since he has that level of gruff command and implacable will that would fit in the Templars.

Last is the 3rd Rhino for the army. It is a standard Mk II kit, with Templar-specific side doors and extra decoration. Like the other MK II it has a fully-painted interior and a loose top hatch to allow it to be converted to a Razorback.


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