IG vs. Orks Battle

I played my second game of WH40K 7th ed today. It was my Imperial Guard (the Typhon 86th) versus Bad Moons Orks (my friend’s aptly named Afrikka Kor, due to their desert camo and bases), 1500 points. We played the Big Guns Never Tire scenario, with 3 objective markers. I took the Initiative, with some punishing shooting crippling his center right off the bat, but the game overall came to a grinding draw.

These pics are from a few points in the battle.

1. The IG deployment. We had corner set-up, and my side had a good amount of urban ruins. I held the objective all game, but it cost me plenty of men.

2. Part of the Ork deployment. He had 2 artillery groups parked behind an Aegis defense line, and a mob of Grotz to fire the quad gun. His Big Mek with shokk attack gun and Weirdboy hugged cover right next to an objective. The rest of his army was to the right of the shot, huddled in a ruin and running up the flank with some LOS-blocking cover.

3. Later in the game, one of his trukks roared up the flank to grab the open objective. Slugga boys jumped out to assault, but were repelled and wiped out. The trukk hung out there for several more turns being annoying before I wrecked it, but by then the next wave of footslogging Orks (seen in the distance in the pic) were able to claim the objective.

4. The dakkajet flew on, riddling my forward squads with dakka.

5. Deff Copters flew in from reserve behind my line. They did some damage to the Russ nearby, blowing off its turret and stunning it a few times. Return fire (a lot of return fire) took them out, but they did serve as a good distraction.

6. The footslogging Shoota Boyz move in, the trukk being perfect cover.

7. A shot of my IG firebase, in the center of my line. The big multi-story ruin held my Company Command Squad, 2 Infantry Squads, a Primaris Psyker, and a Heavy Weapons Squad.

8. Early on my Scout Sentinels came in behind the artillery base’s defenses. They blasted one unit of Big Gunz, finishing them off in close combat. They then took a blistering return fire, destroying one and damaging the other. The survivor then crushed the quad gun and its Grotz crew before being shot apart. They earned me important VP’s for the scenario, plus drew a lot of attention away from the rest of the army.

9. The dakkajet strafes my forward position. My squads were maimed, but held together until it passed by. It chewed a line through my army, drawing plenty of fire for 3 turns. My Guardsmen got some lucky glancing hits, and a Leman Russ finished it off with a hail of heavy bolters. It of course promptly crashed into a Platoon Command Squad.



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