Saxon Cattle War!


I’m nearly complete on work for my Anglo-Saxons for SAGA. The only member of the warband left to do is the Warlord himself. These pics are from a game this week (taken by my phone so forgive the quality). My good ‘ol Saxon boys took on some no-good Saxon boys in a disagreement over some cattle or something.This was the Escort Scenario, with my friend Richard as the ‘attacker’, escorting some cattle (and a single very confused German dancing bear).

The first pic is two of the Thegn units and some Ceorl levy bowmen, with the Warlord ready to move in the back. He’s the unpainted one on the 40mm base. He’ll be done soon.

The second pic is the other units, a Ceorl levy spear and another Thegn unit guarding the crest of a hill from some of my friend’s Thegns.

The third pic is the enemy Angle-Saxon shieldwall as it advanced, with Thegns and Ealdorman (Hearthguard), with the Warlord and their prizes forming a center.

My troops performed poorly and a few great uses of Saga abilities and great rolls crushed my line very easily. Oh well, we didn’t want those cows anyway…

Just to note, my army is mostly made of Wargames Factory’s Saxon Fyrd and Saxon Thegns, with a few metal peasants from Harlequin. Richard’s army are Gripping Beast’s Saxon Thegns.


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