Ferrus Manus- Stage 2: Figure Base



Ferrus Manus continues…

Now that the scenic base is out of the way, I can start on the miniature of Manus himself. But first, his own base.

I usually do the bases of miniatures first. This is done to set the color tone for the rest of the model if needed, but mostly for ease of painting. It allows me to to drybrush and highlight the ground, debris, stones, whatever without fear of messing up the feet or legs of the miniature. This is especially good for 15mm or smaller miniatures (like from Flames of War or Epic).

So the base:

1. The base coat. Black like the scenic base.

2. 3 shots of the first highlight. It was done in the same fashion as the scenic base. In addition the pic has the skulls and metal debris I picked out with a base of Battlefield Brown. The discarded bolter was later blacked in.

3. 3 shots of the finished base. Skulls got their highlights of white/Gorthor Brown/Hammerfall Khaki, while the girders got the same highlights with a final light wetbrush of Red Leather for rust. The bolter’s case was highlighted with Dawnstone, and the metal parts Pig Iron; both parts were then washed with Nuln Oil to tone them down.

4. The base within the scenic base. Seamless, hopefully.


2 Responses to “Ferrus Manus- Stage 2: Figure Base”

  1. Seamless indeed. Good work!

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