Ferrus Manus- Stage 3: Skin

The laborious task of Ferrus Manus continues. Befitting such an important (and quite large) miniature, I’m taking my time with him. This stage is his skin and of course, Ferrus Manus’ iron hands.

1. The arms and face got a base of GW Rhinox Hide. This is a nice dark brown, with just a little red. I usually use it for the base of most human skin tones. (left pic)

Then those portions got a blending of Rhinox Hide with Vallejo Flat Brown, then a mix of Flat Brown and GW Steel Legion Drab (to dull down the reddish tint), The face got an extra mix with some Mephiston Red to give his cheeks, forehead, and lips life. (middle pic)

Finally, the skin got a blend of Flat Brown, Steel Legion Drab, and GW Cadian Fleshtone. I made sure to keep the muscles defined, and left plenty of deep lines on his face to emphasize his exertion; he’s depicted in the middle of a duel, swinging a giant hammer. The smaller pics show the final stage from different angles. The armor and base are cool, dull colors like grey and black, so his warm skin will really pop against all that. (right pic)

2. I start on the hands and forearms. This had several stages. The hands get a base of Vallejo German Grey over black. I blended the grey into the skin up to past his elbows. (top pics)

Next a mix of German Grey and GW Leadbelcher on high points like his knuckles and the tightened sinews of his arms. (bottom pics)

3. The hands got a wash of GW Asurmen Blue to tone down the metal highlights and give them a richness. (top pics)

Next the hands got another pass of Leadbelcher. (bottom pics)

4. The final highlights on the hands and running up the arms. This was a mix of Leadbelcher and GW Mithril Silver, followed by a pass of pure Mithril Silver on key points. This will make his hands really stand out, especially to the duller white metal of his armor. The blue undertone helps make the silver gleam.

At this stage I also blacked in his hair and facial features. The eyes got whites and pupils, his teeth were suggested by a line of dulled white, and his black hair got a highlight of grey, with a little extra at the temples.

Next, his armor!



4 Responses to “Ferrus Manus- Stage 3: Skin”

  1. 40kterminatus Says:

    Some really good looking skin šŸ™‚

  2. The skin looks highly realistic. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I’ll try your technique on my Dark Sword miniatures, they deserve the extra work, as does this miniature!

  3. Glad to see that Ferrus Manus is receiving the attention it deserves. Good work!

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