Feruss Manus- Stage 4: Leg Armor

More Feruss Manus!

I’m working on the power armor now. However, due to the complexity of the armor’s exposed mechanisms, I am doing Feruss’ armor in pieces, starting here with the legs. The size of the miniature meant the sculpt has plenty of room for detail, which the standard 28mm sized Marines don’t have. Painting all the model at once risks missing parts or wasting paint mixes. Like previous posts, I’ll describe the steps and paints used.

1. Base coat. I cleaned up the armor with Craftsmart Black. This is the same color I used for the standard Iron Hands Marines (including the dead ones on his base). This black is a sooty matte color which conveys age and industry.

2. Highlight. A mix of Craftsmart Black and GW Dawnstone was applied to the edges of the power armor plates. A second highlight added P3 Underbelly Blue to Dawnstone to add a touch of cool blue to the highlights. These were placed at key points of the armor.

3. Metal details. The edges of the armor plates, decorative gear designs, studs, baltea (the groin guard), and exposed mechanisms (wires, hoses, pistons) got a coat of P3 Pig Iron. A few details like the kneepads and the aquila on the baltea’s chains were picked out with Vallejo Tinny Tin.

4. Metal highlights. The Pig Iron was washed with GW Nuln Oil, with a few key points also washed with GW Agrax Earthshade. These were then highlighted with Pig Iron, followed by a mix of Pig Iron and GW Mithril Silver. The brown metal got a mix of Tinny Tin and Mithril Silver.

The final pic is the progression of all the steps on one angle of the legs.

Next, torso and shoulders.

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