Horus, the Warmaster

My next big project is the Warmaster, arch-traitor and all-around nice guy, Horus.

Like Feruss Manus before him, this model is huge. He’s smaller than Manus, but still towers over Marine Terminators, even without the statuary he’s standing on. The pics show him ready to prime and paint, on his own and inside his scenic base. The base has a small component that inserts on the back to hide the join of his base to the scenic staircase (need to magnetize it like for Manus’ base).

Updates as I do them!


2 Responses to “Horus, the Warmaster”

  1. Looking forward to your rendition. Will you portray him as the traitor or the Emperor’s favored son, just before the Heresy?

    • Anopheles Says:

      Well, his armor still bears the iconography of him as Warmaster, and the Luna Wolves’ Primarch, so will probably keep him loyal. This might be ‘Horus, at zenith’ right before his great fall. The preview art shows him in black armor which I think will look best, since by then the Legion was Sons of Horus.

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