Saga Tournament! Let slip the Anglo-Saxon Throng!

Today the local store threw a Saga tournament. The format was for 4 games, with winner-vs-winner as the day went on. Each player got 7 points plus a Warlord. The games were fought with only 6 points worth, so players had some room to choose their force before the games began. I brought my stalwart (and numerous) Anglo-Saxons.

I had the Warlord, 4 points of Thegns (32 Warriors), 2 points of Ceorls (24 Levy) w/ spear and shield, and 1 point of Ceorls (12 Levy) with bow. Divided up for battle, they formed 1 unit of 12 Warriors, 2 units of 10 Warriors, 2 units of 12 Levy w/ spear, and 1 unit of 12 Levy archers.

Match 1: Clash of the Warlords. Versus Normans. Tense game with plenty of shooting from the Norman line, waiting for the crushing Norman cavalry charge. My bow Levy picked off a few mounted Norman Knights before being run down; however, the Normans dared to overrun into my Warlord, who promptly beat them back. Some back and forth charges and countercharges ground both armies down. In the end, my Warlord and some Warriors killed the Norman Warlord in close combat, tipping the battle in my favor (a mere 1.5 VP difference).

Match 2: Escort. Versus Vikings. This is not my favorite scenario, since the escorting army has so many advantages (bonus Saga dice, extra ‘hearthguard’-strong escort tokens). The Vikings deployed favoring one flank, but then redeployed quickly, forcing my army to redeploy quickly as well. His Hearthguard and Warriors punched a hole in my left flank, leaving a way for his escort counters. While a unit of Levies caught and killed one escort counter, the bonus Saga dice meant I could not catch the other double-if-not-triple-moving counters, and thus I lost. However, my warband made the Vikings pay for their plunder. My archers shot down a unit of Berserkers, and most of the Vikings units were dead or mauled before the end.

Match 3: Sacred Ground. Versus Anglo-Danes. This was a fun game. We both initially just moved up to claim the terrain pieces, with one of my Warrior units camping in a wood untouched all game, while Danish archers and Warriors held a grassy field. The center hill on the other hand was the site of mass slaughter. My Warlord and a unit of Warriors and Levies held the hill, beating back and eventually annihilating 2 Warrior units and the Anglo-Dane Warlord. My trusty Levies managed to bring down a unit of Dane axe-equipped Hearthguard for only a few casualties. Unfortunately, despite all the fun stomping and stabbing, the Anglo-Danes managed to accumulate the most VP’s on the sacred ground, so I lost again. The battle was also notable for my opponent and I being nearly unable to roll the important ‘Helmet’ face of our Saga dice, driving us both crazy for most of the battle.

Match 4: Homeland. Versus Irish. The Irish and my Anglo-Saxons rolled off for defender of a large church, barn, and cottage. I ended up the attacker. We figured the Irish had been caught looting a church yard, those scamps. This was my first time playing against Irish, and I can say it was an experience. The Irish javelins took their toll on my force as I advanced, but they couldn’t stop my wall of spears. Warriors and Levies charged the cottage on the right, eventually slaying the Hearthguard with great axes inside. The center church was a messy fight, with repeated charges by Anglo-Saxons Warrior units and the Warlord. The rules for buildings meant the Irish could hold my troops up forever unless I killed them all. So I did… by the end of the battle, the Irish had lost 3 Hearthguard units, 1 Warrior unit, and their Warlord (3 units in the church alone). Despite all that, as seemed a trend today, time ran out, with an Irish Warrior unit remaining in the left-side barn, so the Irish won the game.

In the end, I had a great time. My opponents were awesome sports and fun to play. The first place went to the Irish, while second went to one of the Vikings players. I placed near the bottom in victories; however, my army won Best Painted, and I also won Best Warlord, for accumulating the most VP’s in kills over the course of 4 battles. The Man of the Match was my Warlord, who personally slew 3 enemy Warlords and helped direct several devastating charges.

I included pics of my force all collected, arrayed for battle. Til next tourney!


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