Lizardmen Flamethrowers!

More from the growing Lizardman army for Warhammer.

These Salamanders were painted in the same fashion as their Skink Handlers, with yellow-ivory skin and red underbellies (the reverse of the Lizardmen Saurus units of the army). Their sails and neck frills got extra highlights of pure red, then red mixed with yellow, to create fiery bright peaks. In addition, red scales join the speckling of black along the spine, as well as a stronger highlight of ivory white.

The bases for the whole army represent the deserts of The Southlands in Warhammer, so bleached pale sand, dotted with scrub brush and loose scree and rocks. Due to the Salamanders’ bases, I had more room to decorate, so one got a pile of skulls for more interest.


2 Responses to “Lizardmen Flamethrowers!”

  1. They turned out beautifully. The lizards skin looks very realistic and I like that you used red as a colour for some of the scales and the fins. The bases round it off and look suitably dry. Did you consider making some bases that feature lines in th sand or more of a sandy desert look?

    • Thanks. The design for the bases was sort of ‘hard pan’ desert, with more solid footing. Loose sand and rocky scree, dotted with scrub brush. I might make some soft sand bases but I imagine a massed regiment wouldn’t want to fight on a dune if they can avoid it. Maybe for the swarms.

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