Righteous Challenge! (preview)

The Black Templar Space Marine army for 40K I’ve been working on for the last year continues. This is a preview, as I’ve been working on some units but haven’t finished enough of all of them for full unit pics.

So for now, here is the Chapter Champion, built to accompany the Honor Guard (aka ‘Sword Brethren’ for Templars). He was built mostly from parts from the Sternguard Veteran box, with some Black Templar bits and a spare power sword. I gave him a few decorative elements, like his knee icon, possibly an honored campaign badge, as well as the usual jewels, purity seals, cruxes, and plenty of aiguillettes (the braids). He also gets a nice Terminator cross on his shoulder. Despite the flair, his armor is kept low-key, befitting the rather spartan design for the Templars.

I like the pose, as he appears to be in the act of calling a challenge to some opponent, before the coming duel.

More to come shortly.


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