Crusading Covering Fire

More Black Templars!

Here is a Templar Devastator Squad. Yes, this is counter to the chapter’s lore, since they tend to eschew Devastator Squads, but hey the client wanted some heavy weapons for his army.

The pics are the Combat Squads (5-men units). The first shows the Sergeant, with a pair of Bolter-armed Marines, and a pair of Plasma Cannons. The second is 3 Bolter-armed Marines and a pair of Missile Launchers.

Finally, a pic of one of the Honor Guard (aka Sword Brethren). He’s armed to the teeth, with a Power Axe and Bolter. The Marine was like the Chapter Champion from before, built from Sternguard Veteran and Black Templar bits. The pose is very aggressive, with the axe raised menacingly while he fires the Bolter at arm’s length.The Honor Guard, being Sword Brethren, use red cruxes and shoulder rims. The shoulder pads also have black fields, continuing the design used on the other squads’ Sergeants.

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