Blades of the Crusaders

More Black Templars! These snazzy fellows are some Sword Brethren (Honor Guard Veterans to you heretics). In battle they will accompany the Chapter Champion (in previous post).

The models are standard Sword Brethren Marines, with weapon swaps. The first has a Relic Blade, so I changed his chainsword out for a seriously big power sword. The join for the hand was hidden by a wrap of parchment, held in place by a purity seal. Can’t have enough of those, right? The blade got a wash of blue and black inks, then an extra highlight of pure silver.

The second Brother has a power sword from the Tactical Squad box instead of his chainsword. Otherwise both are standard, since they already had tons of Templar iconography and those flowing capes.

2 Responses to “Blades of the Crusaders”

  1. Looking good! Having a medieval type sword really adds to the flair.

  2. Iron Commander Says:

    These are fantastic, great work

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