Children of Chaos

Shifting gears… With the End Times rules out for Warhammer, people are adding to or starting new Chaos armies. These Beastmen are a test color group for a big unit of Gors. The unit was already painted, but the client wanted them redone in proper colors.

They’re clearly followers of Nurgle the Plague God, with pale sickly skin, matted dead black and grey fur, and dulled, rusty weapons. I created the skin tone with GW Rakarth Flesh and Athonian Camoshade, with highlights of Rakarth Flesh and White. The skin tone matches the flesh of the rest of the mixed Nurgle army. More elaborate scarring, discoloration, or plague spotting (measles, lesions, etc.) will be reserved for unit command models and higher ups.

I also included a detail show some primitive decoration in the form of bloodstains in the Mark of Nurgle. I try to avoid too much of that sort of decoration, as too much ‘blood spatter’ gets old fast and distracts the eye.

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