Hordes of Chaos

Nurgle’s Goats grow in numbers! Here’s the first full rank of the big Gors unit for a Chaos Warhammer army.

10 wide for horde formation, or able to break down into 2 ranks of 5. The Beastmen all have the appearance of the followers of Nurgle, as shown in the test paint group from the earlier post. Their clothes (such as they are) give them a little more color, with green, brown, and sickly yellow to break up the otherwise dull color scheme. Just to note, the bases are not finished, as they will eventually get some ‘dead’ static grass to add a bit of interest (matching the existing army).

The unit will have 50 members, so I’ve got some work ahead of me…

3 Responses to “Hordes of Chaos”

  1. Very nicely done. I think you achieved nice, muted colours with enough variation and contrast to direct the eye to the details. The bases already have a nice wasteland feel to them, so I look foward to see them finished with dead tufts.

  2. Quite a refresher after the cartoony GW paint job, I like yours a lot better.

    However I couldn’t connect them to Nurgle. Maybe use a little more trinkets that Nurgle favors?

    • Well their color pallette follows Nurgle’s theme, and they do have his symbol scattered around. I didn’t want to go overboard though, so I kept the ‘disease and rot’ effects to a few key places. Since these were preexisting models my options to convert them to be more Nurgle-esque were limited.

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