The Warmaster Horus!

The arch-traitor, heretic, and fallen son, Horus, The Warmaster, Primarch of the Luna Wolves (later the Sons of Horus) is complete.

This miniature, like Feruss Manus before, was huge. He was quite complicated, with lots of detail, broad areas of armor, visible machinery, and a wolf pelt and cape bigger alone than many other miniatures. His base was a nice affair- a broken statue to the Imperium piled over a marble staircase. Like the other Primarch models he has both a standard 40mm base for use on the gaming table, along with a decorative display base. The stone was given a white alabaster marble effect, with gleaming white edges. Skulls barely stand out from the rubble, while twisted girders add some color.

The client wanted Horus’ armor to be black, representing him just after his fall. The deep black and burnished gold and brass contrast nicely with the white base. His wolf pelt and red cape give the character some warmth and motion (and break up a largely monochromatic color scheme).

I included several angles to highlight the details in such a large figure.

Edit: Upon request, I’ve added some closer pics to better show details.

Next: Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders!


4 Responses to “The Warmaster Horus!”

  1. Excellent work. The basing is beautiful and the paintjob looks very good, too. Any chance for some bigger pictures, as it is in part difficult to see all the details?

  2. Fantastic rendition of our beloved Warmaster. Love your work with the figure, the pale face really captures the character well. I also like the fact that you have used the Talon of Horus in its true, golden colors opposed to the Forgeworld studio paint job.

    The base pales in comparison to the model however, I think a few patches of warmer washes (red or brown on especially the shadowed areas on the steps) would have truly completed the model.

    • Anopheles Says:

      Perhaps, though brown washes were part of the shading process. The photo seems to have bleached the stone a tad.

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