Let Fly the Colors of the Crusade!

The Black Templars grow with the addition of a Company Command Squad. These will accompany the Chaplain or Marshall, or just go off on their own in battle.

Being Veterans, I painted them as Sword Brethren, with red crosses and shoulder rims. However, I wanted them to stand out from the Honor Guard or Vanguard/Sternguard Veteran Squads, so I left their shoulders white.

The Squad so far:

-Company Standard Bearer. The miniature is from the old metal Command Squad kit. I swapped his bolter for a bolt pistol from the Sword Brethren kit (actually from one of the Brethren who himself had a weapon swap for a power fist). The standard is a basic, somewhat no-nonsense flag, with the chapter symbol, a couple of battle honors, and of course plenty of litany text. The old ‘holy hand grenade’ bit from the Templar kit tops the banner pole.

-Veteran with grav-pistol. He gets a bare head and ‘loincloth’ of parchment to add some character.

-Veteran with meltagun. He got the MK VIII power armor, because it gave him a more armored look, especially with the extra gorget around his neck.

-Company Champion. He has a power sword and combat shield. He was constructed from the Veteran kit and a Templar torso and helmet. While less flamboyant than the Chapter Champion from before, he stands out nicely.

The Apothecary is still underway, so not featured here.


One Response to “Let Fly the Colors of the Crusade!”

  1. Your whites on blacks are so sublime. Must take a lot of patience to get that nice coverage. A great sight as always.

    Love the freehand on the banner too.

    Happy new year!

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