Lizardmen Trogolodon: In-progress: The Head

Back to work on the Lizardman army for Warhammer. I’ve posted the Saurus and Skinks units already, but now it’s time for a big dinosaur.

Here’s the Troglodon in-progress. I decided it was so big that I’d do it in stages, moving from nose to tail. I find doing it this way on big models means I don’t miss details or skip a step or even an angle. Though it is rather awkward to work with since it projects spiky stuff in every direction.The overall pic shows the base coat of GW Balor Brown, with a wash of Seraphim Sepia. I decided to showcase the staged painting only after I had done the base and wash, but oh well…

First up, the head. The head got a highlight of Balor Brown and P3 Hammerfall Khaki, with final highlights mixed with white. I tried to keep the paint wet, since it was covering large areas of scale, so could easily get chalky. Once I finished that, I went back with a fine brush and some P3 Battlefield Brown to deepen any scale lines that had not darkened enough from the Sepia wash.

Teeth were picked out with black, then Rackarth Flesh and white. All the ornaments were blackened in, then colored with gold and bronze, with an Agrax Earthshade wash, then a silver highlight. The tongue was Xerxes Purple, shaded with a little red-black, then highlighted with purple/white. Once I’m done the tongue will also get a gloss varnish to make it shiny.

The Trog follows the colors of the Skink-related units (so Skinks, Salamanders, etc.) He is a tad paler, as he is sightless cave-dwelling species (big caves in Lustria eh?)

More pics as I progress.


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