Saga: The Welsh!

I’ve started the prep work on my next Saga warband: The Welsh! This light, fast skirmishing army will be a massive change from the mass shield wall tactics of the Anglo-Saxons, or the slow, crushing grind of the Anglo-Danes.The army will also have a new style of minies, with different clothes and shields. Some of my Saxon/Dane miniatures will be integrated into the warband, either to fill out units or act as the Hearthguard (due to actually having armor, helmets, etc.)

I’ll be making the actual Welsh Warriors and Levies using Wargames Factory’s Numidians. They have the bare legs and javelins I need for ‘Welsh style’ fighters. I used the sleeved arms and shields from the Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd box. Since the Numidians have bare arms, I mined my plentiful extra arms from the kit. I also have some Saxon and Vikings heads as well for variety.

Here are the first few Welsh models so far. They’ll serve as 2 Warriors and 2 Levies, or maybe get rolled into whatever units I feel at the time. One big change from Saxons will be the shields, since they’ll feature less color and the ‘chi-rho’ icon (the XP). In addition, the men will have comparative muted clothing, but will make up for it with plaids and stripes. Looking forward to that. I also included some unpainted models. The model on the far right will eventually carry a shield, which is why he seems to be holding something in his right hand; that is an improvised handle/strap for his shield. I’ll also be sculpting cloak and capes for some the Welsh fighters at some point before I paint them.


One Response to “Saga: The Welsh!”

  1. Looks like some good research there. Look forward to seing the rest of the warband.

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