The Troglodon for the Lizardmen army for Warhammer is complete. I’ve posted a couple of in-progress pictures, starting with the head, down the body and limbs, and now here’s the whole model.

The Troglodon follows the same colors and styling as the rest of the army up to this point. The zig-zag striping helps break up the broad open flanks. I picked out the various plaques and ornaments in gold, bronze, and brass, followed with brown washes to give the metals depth. The straps around the body gave me pause however. I wanted them to stand out from the body, so originally decided to paint them brown. However, I found this blended into the scale pattern and metal ornaments. Instead I chose black cording, as it is a strong visual contrast.

The rider is a Skink character. Despite his status, he’s relatively simple compared to other armies’ characters (lacking real clothes and fancy gear). He does have a nice gold mask and gold and bronze bits and bobs, as well as the first real clothing in the whole army in the form of a turquoise loincloth. The turquoise is the same as his eyes (and the eyes of the Skinks of the army). I made the Skink’s skin a bit paler than the basic Skink skirmishers to make him stand out even further (as if the giant dinosaur he rides isn’t enough).

Glad to be finished with this big guy. Back to basic infantry and simpler models now.


2 Responses to “Troglodon!”

  1. Wow you are fast! Great paint job, what a detailed model.

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