In a sort of side quest from the Imperial Fists Space Marines that I’ve been painting for a client and the Black Templars Space Marines I’m doing for another, I shift to… Space Marines. This time it’s Raven Guard, Horus Heresy-era.

Yet more black power armor, though lacking the larger use of white found in the Templars. The only real color other than black, white for insignia, and metal for equipment, are the red eyes. Even the packs and holsters are black, though they did get a highlight and wash with sepia to make them visually warmer compared to the cold black armor.

I followed the style of the Raven Guard armor found in the Heresy books. The Tactical Squad members got a white Raven on their left shoulder and a waxing moon on their right grieve. Also, the knife sheath was emblazoned with XIX, representing the 19th Legion. More to come.


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