Wrath of Kings: Nasier!

The Wrath of Kings Kickstarter reward has finally arrived… I pledged for a Nasier starter army, with some extras. I’ve been toying with color schemes for some time, using a few sample minies I had acquired a while back.

This Ashman is the first test model. I liked the red/black/grey color scheme that is standard for Nasier, but I didn’t want to paint it for my own force. Instead I opted for a different use of the same pallet.

-The cloak and armor is black, with gold trim and accents on the armor plates and sword guards.

-The arm and leg wraps are a cool grey, highlighted with white.

-The bloodmask and the back spines are white.

-The various bags, scabbards, and belts got a greyish brown base, with minimal highlights.

-The only real splash of color comes from a red rune on the mask and shoulders (the right shoulder got the kanji ‘jin’ meaning man) and striping on the spines. I plan on making the red runes/marks unique to the individuals.

-I made his skin a dusky brown, resembling Middle Eastern skin tones (the whole style of the Nasier resembles to me Persian Samurai).

I like this color scheme, as it gives the Ashman a stately, bold look. We’ll see how it pans out over a whole army.

Also: 200 posts! Wow has it been so long already? I hope my followers and myriad visitors have been enjoying my work.


One Response to “Wrath of Kings: Nasier!”

  1. First, congrats on the milestone. It’s been a blast!

    All the models from this series look pleasing to the eye and the cast quality you received seems to be in line with the Kickstarter promises. Looking forward to watching you paint them to your scheme.

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