Raven Guard Vets Redux

The Raven Guard Sternguard Veterans are complete. This small squad will fit nicely in a drop pod for unleashing some plasma death on some unsuspecting target.

The two Marines with combi-plasma bolters follow the previous post, with some variations of decorations and assorted details to make them unique. The Sergeant on the other hand is a character in his own right. A red horse-hair crest and his paired bolt pistol and power maul make him an imposing figure.

In case anyone was wondering about the white elements, the Raven Guard were base coated black (like the previous Tactical Marines). The loincloths and helmets then were based with light grey (GW’s Administratum Grey). This provides a lighter surface, which then gets mixed with white, then highlighted with pure white in a wet brush method to get a bright clean white, especially on the helmets. The helmets got a dark grey/black line to pick out details and the edges of armor plates.

Next for the Raven Guard will be a Chapter Master/Captain, along with his Honor Guard.


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