The Rising Out

The Welsh for Saga get some reinforcements in the form of some Warriors (Priodaur) and Levies (Bonnedig).

In keeping with Welsh fashion, the Warriors lack armor, and in some cases shields. They mostly wear tunics with no trousers, or short trousers in the old Briton way. Additionally, I sculpted capes and cloaks for some. This is my first attempt to sculpt with green stuff in a long while (other than minor details or gap-filling) so I’m not totally happy with the results. The capes lack good folds or flowing edges, and are quite thick for cloth. Next batch I’ll iron out the kinks hopefully. I painted them in various plaids and stripes, according to references I found.

The Levies are even more simplified, lacking any shields or secondary weapons. They did get a sort of ‘leader’ model with a horn, for signalling the mass volley of javelins. He got an extra hand axe.

Their shields further differentiate them from my Anglo-Saxons, with the emphasis on the XP icon and larger use of ‘Celtic knot’ designs.

It will be fun to expand them out, as I plan on doing 30 Welsh fighters to divide into Warrior and Levy units. More to come!

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