Nasier Forces

I’ve been working on my own Wrath of Kings Nasier between other folks’ minies (have to break up work with my own stuff to avoid burnout). So far I’m working on enough minies to run the basic ‘demo’ level of the game.

This gives me:

2 Rank 1 Leaders (1 Ashman Hakar, 1 Pelagarth Howl), 12 Rank 1 Infantry (6 Ashmen, 6 Pelagarth Bloodmasks), and 2 Rank 1 Specialists  (1 Longhorn and 1 Rathor).

The first pics are of the Longhorn. I went for a paler version of the skin tone I established for the Ashmen and Pelagarth troops. The greater emphasis on the musculature and scars gave plenty of detail to work with. It contrasts well with his black clothing and dirty white mane of hair and beard. The little buckler he carries has an accent of red, the same red used on the skin for all the warpaint and runes, as well ties in his hair. I added random runic squiggles, slashes, and kanji on his skin. The left shoulder has the kanji for ‘oni’ which I felt was appropriate. The runes continue on to his sword.

The third pic is some of the basic troops. Top are Ashmen, done in the same fashion as the test model from earlier. The bottom row are the Pelagarth Bloodmasks. They follow the army colors (marginally) even with the little clothing they wear. Their skin being prominent, I added greater shading and highlights. Like the Ashmen, they have personalized masks; in addition their bare skin gets runes or slashes like the Longhorn.


2 Responses to “Nasier Forces”

  1. These look great! I recently picked up House Shael Han at Templecon and just started putting them together.

    • Thanks, I’m enjoying working on these guys. Too bad they arrived right in the middle of projects for clients, but at least I’m getting a few done along the way.

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