Nasier Leaders

The Nasier army grows for Wrath of Kings. This time around I’ve completed a pair of Rank 1 Leaders.

The first is a Hakar for the Ashmen. He has a more elaborate mask and long topknot to make him stand out. I made his hair white to effectively extend his mask. The mask got a ‘flame strike’ symbol; in addition the left shoulder has the kanji for ‘swift’ (jin). His shield is a nice red contrast to his black and white color scheme.

The second is a Pelagarth Howl. Since she’s much more distinct from her subordinates compared to the Hakar versus his Ashmen, I put in more detail. Her ashy skin is prominent, like the Pelagarths, but at least she’s wearing more. The mane follows the style of the Longhorn, with white hair and red ties. Her horns were done in bone with a brown wash to make them stand out from the hair but not contrast too much. She has a kanji for ‘strength’ (chikara) on her shoulder.

More to come!


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