Children of the Land

More Welshmen for my Saga warband.

I’ve added some more Priodaur and Bonnedig (Warriors and Levy, respectively). The Welsh get distinctive clothes, cloaks, and shields. I sculpted more green stuff cloaks and trousers, plus a nice mustache for the axe-wielding warrior.

I added detail pics to show off clothes and capes, as well as a cool dragon/deer shield design I found during my research.

The second pic is some sheep (with a removable shepherd). These will act as random terrain or escort counters for the Escort scenario.

The warband is almost done, with 18 Warriors and 12 Levy so far. These will mix into existing models from my Saxon/Dane warband. The full warband will have 8 Hearthguard, 24 Warriors, and 12 Levy. I’ll get to the Warlord soon.


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