Raven Guard Vets Redux, Redux

The Raven Guard Company Veterans squads get rounded out with some more members.

First up are a few more Honor Guard members, with the distinctive ‘winged’ helmets of the squad. The squad leader gets a horsehair brush crest to mark him out.

After that are the remaining members of the Sternguard. More plasma death for any foes in range, with a pair of combi-plasma bolters and a pair of plasma guns. For a bit of versatility, the squad also has a member with a combi-flamer bolter just in case. I included some shots from front and side to show off all the extra detail. All the Honor Guard and Sternguard were built from the Sternguard Veterans box set, with additional helmets.

Next, the Captains!


One Response to “Raven Guard Vets Redux, Redux”

  1. Very nice, especially liking the Honour Guard commander with the horse-hair crest. Keep up the good work!

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