Schnell! Schnell!


I’ve finished the first squad for my Bolt Action Germans.

This squad has 10 members. First up is an Unteroffizier (Sergeant) carries a trusty MP40 for some close range punch; his rank is indicated by his epaulettes and rank stripe on his left arm. A Gefreiter (Lance Corporal) serves as his second in command (the crouching soldier with a chevron on his arm). 6 other soldiers act as riflemen. The core of the squad is the Light Machine Gun team. I modeled the gunner and his loader as a single 40mm base. One of the squad’s other riflemen carries extra ammo. 2 more squads to go…

Update: Based on some info from a useful source, my unit markings and the epaulettes are a bit off from accuracy, so they’ll be getting a fix. The next squads will have the correct markings as well.


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