I keep adding members to my Nasier force from Wrath of Kings.

The Rathor is a big specialist model, standing on a huge 50mm base. Thus he’s got a lot of detail and room for decoration. I made his skin follow the rest of the army, offset by a white mask and back spine and black armor. He has arm wraps in the same manner as the Ashmen.

I decorated his mask and spine with flame patterning, and his skin with scars, arcane marks, and random kanji. The kanji for fire (hi) appears on his belt buckle.

I also have some more of the Pelagarths finished. I decided to greenstuff in some loincloths on some of the Pelagarth Bloodmasks. I think it breaks up their very basic outlines (since they are effectively manikins otherwise) and gives more visual flair. Both sport kanji decoration. My next batch of Pelagarths will all have the loincloths.


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