Covering Fire

My German army for Bolt Action is almost complete. I’ve finished the Infantry squads and commander, so I’m working on the army’s support weapons.

First is the sniper team, with the shooter himself and his spotter. The models are on separate bases, but I wanted a scenic base to put them together. Separate bases allow me to place them in terrain, and remove the spotter if the unit takes a casualty. The sniper has one of the Wargames Factory Heer model kit’s scoped Karabiner 98k (the rest of the infantry models are from the same kit).

Next is a medium mortar team, a 8cm Granatwerfer 34 (love the German literalism here). The crew are actually metal Wargames Factory models, so look somewhat odd next to the rest of the army’s plastic soldiers.

All of the army’s weapon teams (whether larger support weapons or squad-based LMG’s) are on larger bases, so I could give them more detail. The odd loose rocks and tufts of taller grass help break up a relatively boring model grouping. I also have some pics of the mortar’s spotter. Lots of binoculars in this army; a result of lack of good right arms for the plastic kit, actually. It gets repetitive.

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