Saga: Forging new legends

I’ve been working on additions to my Saga warbands.

My Anglo-Danish warband is made up of the same models as the Anglo-Saxon warband, in a different combination of units. The big change is the Warlord. The Anglo-Danish Warlord carries a Dane axe, so I needed a proper miniature to make him stand out from the Saxon Warlord. The model I picked is Grimbold, a Rohan character from the GW Lord of the Rings miniature line. He has the proper aggressive attitude, a big scary axe, and a good Anglo-Danish-esque helmet. Despite being a ‘fantasy’ design, the LotR movies attempted enough realism to let him segue into a historical game. He got a dark green cloak, some nice striped clothing, and some fancy scale-type mail. His base features a shield, split by his axe. One can imagine him crashing through the enemy, laying waste to all around.

I have also finished more Welsh models. Most of the new models are Teulu, the Welsh Hearthguard for the warband. They have better equipment, helmets and armor, and richer clothes. The Teulu also have a greater proportion of extra weapons instead of the mostly javelin/spear-equipped Warriors. A couple extra Warriors are mixed in.

The only thing left for the Welsh is their Warlord. Coming soon…


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