The German army for Bolt Action is nearly complete.

Here is the army’s Sd.Kfz. 251, aka the Hanomag. So far, there is only one in the army, for rapid deployment of a squad or acting as moving cover for infantry. In a recent game, the Hanomag ferried an Infantry squad from flanking reserve, weathering some sniper fire, before deploying them on to the enemy objective. The added speed and protection impressed me enough to keep it around (previous games had not impressed me).

The Hanomag is in early war colors, the basic German grey (using Vallejo German Grey). I wanted it to look pretty clean, to match the troops. I added a few bits of stowage, but again kept it to a minimum (both for aesthetics purposes and speed of painting). A couple of transfers finish off the insignia.

I also have a pic with the Heer infantry as they deploy from their transport. An interesting thing about Bolt Action is the odd scaling of vehicles, compared to infantry models. Vehicles are maybe true 25mm or even 20mm, as opposed to the 28mm scale of the rest of the models. This gives vehicles smaller footprints on the table, which I think is better for play.

Finally, an MG43 medium machine gun team sets up to cover the advance. This is the one group of models that aren’t technically early war. I unfortunately misread the package and bought them before I realized they don’t match the rest of the army (I should have grabbed an MG34 instead…). The crew’s uniforms are mid-to-late war, with added camo nets on the helmets and leggings. One member got a head swap to a bare helmet to help them sort of match the early war look. Oh well, close enough right? For Bolt Action, a medium machine gun is a medium machine gun.


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