The Panzer is here! The Panzerkampfwagen IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) Ausf. D rumbles on to the table alongside the Heer infantry for my Bolt Action army. In the few games I’ve gotten in, it’s helped catch enemy targets in the open, with a combination of speed and long range firepower. It’s not tough enough to go toe-to-toe with other big tanks, but it will threaten light tanks and infantry nicely.

I painted it in early/mid-war colors. It got the same German Grey (from Vallejo) as the Hanomag, with the addition of some simple camouflage. Splotches of GW Rhinox Hide, stippled with a Vallejo Flat Brown/GW Rakarth Flesh mix give it a nice look. I added a few crosses on key points. References for the color and placement of the crosses was contradictory (as usual) so I went with what looked good. Here I used the ‘open’ cross from France and Russia. The Hanomag uses the filled-in cross instead.The tracks and wheels got some dusting to make them stand out, and the engine got plenty of exhaust staining, but I kept the tank overall pretty clean.

I might purchase a Panzer III for variety at some point. The lighter tank is cheaper points-wise, which will give me opportunities to play with other toys in the army, while still having some firepower.


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