Zeal and Honor

I return to the the Black Templar Space Marines after a brief hiatus…

The Marshal is one of the old metal Captains, with a plasma pistol swap and extra Templar purity seals. I like the no-nonsense style of the sculpt, compared to more recent ones. I kept the decoration to a minimum as well. He got an axe campaign symbol on one knee, a basic Templar cross banner, and the Chapter-standard cross on the left shoulder.

Accompanying him is a Dreadnought. It has swappable arms for every occasion (via rare earth magnets), either a twin-linked lascannon or an assault cannon. The left arm with the power fist is also loose, to allow some posability. The Dread gets plenty of decoration to honor his years of service. Like the army’s other vehicles, he gets some battle scarring, but I avoided too much (too much looks messy). I haven’t written anything on the scrollwork on his sarcophagus yet, waiting for a name from the client.


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