Welsh: Answering the Call

The Welsh for Saga are complete! This is the finished 6-point army.


-Bonnedig (Levy) with javelins x12 (deployed in either unit of 12 or units of 6/6)

-Priodaur (Warriors) x24 (deployed in units of 10/8/6)

-Teulu (Hearthguard) x8 (deployed in a unit of 8)

The Warriors and Levy have a few Saxon/Danish models mixed in to fill units out, but the majority of the force are Welsh models. The Teulu have the only armor in the force (other than the Warlord), and wear finer clothes and have showier shields.

The Warlord was a bit of a problem. I originally tried to convert one, but using the plastic Wargames Factory Numidians and Saxons to kit-bash a model fell short. In the end he resembled my other Warlords too much. I decided to use the Welsh Hero character Maredudd Ap Owain instead. He has a nice distinct look, having the cast of a wily, grizzled warrior, with great detail and characterful equipment. I gave him a colorful Welsh tartan to really make him stand out from his subordinates’ simpler tartan cloaks. His shield is a pair of hares in the Celtic style, emphasizing his skirmish style of warfare.


One Response to “Welsh: Answering the Call”

  1. Very, very beautiful shields!

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