I’ve been adding a few odd Goblin Wolf Rider to my Orcs & Goblins army while I’ve been working on other projects. This brings the unit of spear/shield Goblins to 10, and a the bow-armed unit to 8. In addition to Warhammer, I also plan on using the Goblins to sub in for warbands for Saga. Sure, Goblins aren’t historically accurate, but they’re my only painted models that have cavalry. I plan on using them to ‘count-as’ Spanish, Breton, or Saracen warbands, since those all make extensive use of cavalry.

Since I was building up more Wolf Riders, I decided they could use a hero to accompany them (and they needed a proper Warlord for Saga). I acquired the odd mount from a friend; I’m not sure of its origins, but it seems like something you’d get in one of the GW/Milton Bradley miniature games (or something like it). I figured the alligator-lizard thing would help the boss stand out from the rest of the troops. I built up the simple saddle with lots of extra weapons, bags, and blankets. He got a bow and quiver and extra loot. Fancy decoration finished off his helmet and shield, continuing the checkers and dog’s teeth design for the army.


2 Responses to “Wolfboyz!”

  1. Love the hero. The freehadn on his shield reminds me strongly of the Rackham style back in the day. Overall the miniatyures look ace and I also like that you use the muted colours to good effect without sacrificing contrast.

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