Roar of the Old Ones

I recently finished another regiment of Saurus Warriors for someone’s Warhammer army. In addition, I painted up their Oldblood general, though I suppose he could be a Scar Veteran instead.

He’s absolutely huge, spreading out over the edges of his base, dwarfing the rest of the Saurus (I included a size comparison pic). He had the same color scheme as the Saurus units (red with bone/ivory underbellies and spines). Weirdly enough, he doesn’t have much in the way of armor or decoration, aside from a little chest plate.

I was asked this a while back, but I could cover how I painted the Saurus color scheme-

1. Khorne Red over black

2. Agrax Earthshade wash

3. Mephiston Red/Khorne Red highlights, with an extra red/yellow highlight on extreme edges

4. Underbelly and back spines get picked out and edged by black, then based with Balor Brown

5. Seraphim Sepia wash

6. Highlight with P3 Hammerfall Khaki/Balor Brown, with a final highlight on the edges with Khaki/white


One Response to “Roar of the Old Ones”

  1. Excellent colour scheme and execution. The red skintones works veyr well with the off-white shields.

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