Night Gobbos!

I’ve started work on a client’s Gobin army for his 8th ed Warhammer army. It’s a ‘legacy’ army now that AoS has come out. The army is mostly already complete, having been painted years ago. I will be repainting most of it, including fixing the bases to a uniform color/decoration.

First up are his units of Night Goblins. There are several 30-man units; this the the first repaint. They have the standard Night Goblin black cloaks and hoods. However, I mixed in a few shades of brown for a few hoods to break up the monotony (I do the same thing for the Night Goblins units for my own O&G army). They got a more realistic green skin, rather than the brighter crayon green GW tends to use. Bright yellow shields and standard brighten them up.

The models for the units are a mix of the Skull Pass 7th ed box Gobs and the multi-piece Night Goblins kit.


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