I’m working on Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders Legion of Space Marines. I also have a squad of his Firedrake Terminators to work on. I wanted to get him right, so I am working on the Firedrakes first.

This Terminator is the test model. The Salamander power armor is a very rich bright green, quite unlike any I’ve done before. The color, GW’s Warpstone Glow, is very strong. I highlighted with a mix of white/Flash Gitz Yellow/Warpstone Glow, with a followup wash of Lamenter’s Yellow to warm it up. The reptile skins and the shield cover were a mix of brown, tan, and yellow and a final wash of Athonian Camoshade to give it a dark green shade. As befitting an army of artisans, the armor is covered in bronze and gold decoration.

Now that this test model is done, I can get to work on the rest of the squad, then Vulkan himself.


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