Bolt Action- Objectives

I’ve finished some Objectives for Bolt Action. A bunch of fuel dumps seemed good for my Germans to defend/capture, but they’re generic enough for use for any army.

The fuel drums are a mix of metal drums from my bits box, some drums from GW’s vehicle accessories sprue, and an odd jerry can from the Hanomag’s sprue. One has a rifle and ammo belt stashed amongst the drums (presumably from the erstwhile guards?). Two objectives are on the same 60mm balsa wood bases my medium and heavy weapon teams sit on, while the middle one is on a thicker cork wood base. This thicker base helps it stand out as a ‘primary’ objective over the other two, in scenarios that use such a thing.

The drums got the same German Grey as the army’s vehicles, with additional weathering and rust effects from drybrush and washes.

I’ll probably build more Objectives later, especially if I start another army…

3 Responses to “Bolt Action- Objectives”

  1. AdvanceOp Says:

    The thicker objective is also 60mm? Is 60mm kind of unspoken standard for bolt action. My google-fu has failed me in this regard, so I havent been able to decide a size for objectives. Your look great, generic enough for any army yet still very thematic.

    • Anopheles Says:

      It’s actually ~55mm? I went with the bases I had already, but I figured 60mm would make them stand out on the table. Smaller objectives risk getting lost in the shuffle, especially when surrounded by infantry or terrain.

      • AdvanceOp Says:

        Cool. Thanks. It still does my head in there is no gazetted standard objective size for bolt action #OCDproblems

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