Vive la France!

So, I’ve finished my German army for Bolt Action, at least as much as I want to work on for now. So, I figured, I’d start a second army, and what better than my early-war Germans’ opponent, the Army of France. For later parts of the war, they’ll shift to Free France.

The planned army will play quite differently than the Germans, with more emphasis on artillery (the French army special rule). Mortars, light mortars, howitzers, and off-table artillery strikes will cover the advance of brave infantry and the stonking-slow tanks like the Renaults or Chars.

These test figures are the HQ pack, with an officer (here painted as a Second Lieutenant), retainer with an MAS-38 SMG, Medic, and Artillery Spotter (not painted yet). I like the officer’s sculpt, with his smart coat, kepi, and of course his cigarette (very French!).

It took some research to get the colors right. It’s pretty easy to get documentation on Germans, British, and US forces, but references for French forces was harder. Eventually I went with Vallejo English Uniform for the fatigues and coats, GW Rakarth Flesh for the bags/packs, Steel Legion Drab for the puttees, Rhinox Hide for boots, and a Vallejo US Olive Drab/Black Green mix for the helmets. GW Nuln Oil wash provided shading, with a little wash of Athonian Camoshade for a bit of green color in the cloth.

More to come!


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