Group Franc

I’ve managed to paint up a basic Infantry Section for my WWII French army for Bolt Action (5 models so far). These are the Warlord Games metal models. I love the details, even compared to their plastics. I do fear I’ll finish the all-metal force just in time for Warlord to release a plastic kit…

The first pic is a pair of riflemen, carrying their trusty Lebel 1886’s. With them is their NCO, running forward to battle, spurring his men to follow. I really like the animation on this one. I added a second view of him to show off the massive amount of gear those poor soldiers had to hump into battle.

The second pic is the squad’s LMG, a FM 24. The gunner crouches, ready to blaze away, with his loader next to him, fresh magazine in hand (though you could be forgiven if it looks like he’s offering him a cigarette).

More to come!


4 Responses to “Group Franc”

  1. AdvanceOp Says:

    Handing the gunner a cigarette would make a great minor conversion 😉

  2. I love the Bolt Action miniature but I know if I start buying them I wont stop haha. Are they much smaller than GW Imperial guard? You couldn’t mix them could you? As in conversions etc. The paint job looks awesome. So much detail.

    • Anopheles Says:

      The Warlord miniatures are closer to ‘True 25mm’, maybe ‘True 28mm’ compared to GW’s ‘Heroic 28mm’. I’m not sure how well they’d mix with Imperial Guard, since their heads, hands, and weapons are more realistically proportioned.
      Warlord plastic kits like the late-war Germans and US soldiers have more heroic proportions, especially heads and bodies, though their weapons are still realistically sized. The Blitzkrieg (early-war) German plastics on the other hand are like the metals, so if you want to mix plastics you’ll have to watch out for that.

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