Esprit de Corps

More riflemen for my Bolt Action French Army!

First is an Infantry Section, with a Sergent and 4 Soldater. This is the basic unit of the next Section of the army, minus its light machine gun team.

Second is the Sniper and his Spotter. Since Warlord’s French miniatures line is very limited, I just used a basic rifleman in a proper crouching pose. His Spotter is another basic infantryman. They’re sitting on the same team base that I use for the German Sniper team.

Below them is the Forward Artillery Observer for the army. I placed him on the larger infantry base to give him room for his radio satchel.

So far the painted army is 2 Infantry Sections, the Artillery Observer, Sniper and Spotter, and Lieutenant and Attendant. The current planned army list (1000 points):

2nd Lieutenant w/ Attendant

Veteran Infantry Section (8 men, SMG, LMG, VB launcher, AT grenades)

Regular Infantry Section (9 men, LMG, VB launcher)

Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry Section (9 men, SMG)

Veteran Cavalry Section (6 men)

Sniper w/ Spotter

Forward Artillery Observer


MMG team

Medium Howitzer w/ Spotter

Renault R40

Lorraine 38 Carrier


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