Wolf Riders

Gobbos riding giant wolves!

I’ve been working on a client’s Goblin army, adding, repainting, etc. In previous posts I’ve shown the Night Goblin hordes I’ve repainted (there were 3 units in all). These Wolf Riders are a partial repaint, with the mounts getting a going-over and the riders fully painted. The army is going to be used for both Warhammer 8th edition and Kings of War.

The Goblins themselves are basic plastic Goblin riding models, with a mix of gear and shields, giving them a proper chaotic look. I kept the pallette drab and dark to offset the green skin and silvery grey wolves. The wolves are actually the Fenrisian Wolves from the Space Wolves Marines plastic range. They certainly make the unit more dynamic and unique compared to the much older plastic wolves that have been around since 4th edition Warhammer. Look for old posts from me for a comparison.

I’ve included a few pics from various angles, plus a few riders on their own to show off details. More Goblins on the way!


3 Responses to “Wolf Riders”

  1. A gritty and soulful unit! I was thinking of using the fenrisian wolves as well, and they seem to turn out nicely.

    • Downside is ranking up in a unit. The wolves take up a lot of space and break the plane in every direction. Then there’s the Goblins, depending on how you pose them. For Age of Sigmar, that’s not a problem of course.

      • Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Not going for age of Sigmar – I’d rather play 9th age – and haven’t been playing in a long time anyway, but I’ll try the unit or maybe just as hero mounts or for a couple of chariots…

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