For King and Country

Muskets & Tomahawks is a newer game moving through my gaming circles. 18th Century skirmish in the backwoods of North America during the Indian Wars and so forth. I’m not as familiar with the time period as I am with Ancient or Medieval, but the game seems fun and easy to get into.

This Highlander from the English army is a test model for a client. He wants a whole force of this guys, so I wanted to get the colors down. I had to figure out how to do the tartan justice on a 25mm model. Going by my Welsh from Saga, I can do plaid. But can I do this nicely involved and regular pattern, and most importantly, can I do it on 20+ yahoos? Hopefully I can…

This fellow’s regiment (platoon?) has the ubiquitous red coat, but also wear blue bonnets, with blue cuffs and collars where applicable. The regiment’s tartan is a regular green divided into squares, with a blue at intervals between the green crisscross. This model has leggings, but most simply have socks (those will have a red/white diagonal plaid). On to the rest of the force.


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