Goblin Bosses

The Goblin army I’ve been working on for a client gets some characters to lead them on the table. These miniatures are from Forgeworld, so get lots of detail and lots of texture (almost too much in my opinion).

First up is the Boss or Warboss on a Giant Squig. The Squig is heavily armored and nicely spiky. I gave it some of my favorite checkers and dog’s teeth pattern to give it some flash. The Boss himself is relatively simple, his black robe and red hood tying in to the Squig’s color scheme. Various bones, pouches, and trophy Dwarf beards hang off his belt and the Squig’s armor. The thigh ‘armor’ shields are white and blue, breaking up the color scheme a little.

The Army Standard Bearer is also highly detailed. His standard has sculpted moon faces and plenty of extra details (more Dwarf beards, bones, etc.). He himself is pretty simple, though I like his little cleaver and his glowering face. I’m not a real fan of the sculpted flag, since it doesn’t look like a design on a flag; is it maybe leather sown into the cloth? Still, it looks good on the table, and especially draws attention, as an army standard should.


One Response to “Goblin Bosses”

  1. These look really great.

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