The King’s Highlanders

Kilts and bonnets in full display, the Highlanders muster forth. I’ve completed 10 Highlanders for Muskets & Tomahawks, which is enough for a basic small force. I divided them up to show them in detail, alongside a group shot. It also shows a common gripe I have with leader-type models: while everyone is pointing their muskets to the left, he raises his pistol to the right, which makes him seem to fighting some other threat. It does make him stand out, but also makes posing him for a group shot look a bit jarring.

The models themselves have a common uniform, but have enough variety between them to keep it interesting. The unit’s coats have different cuffs, trim, and collars, some going fully decorated, while others are pretty simple. Some have leggings, while others have some nice plaid socks. More to come!


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