Goblin Horde

I’ve been adding to my Orc & Goblin army for Warhammer (and Kings of War). This unit of Goblins is the latest addition. In Kings of War it counts as a horde of 40 Goblins. The unit itself is a bit short of that number, filled in with small rock rises (made of cork) and the little cannonball vignette to reduce the amount of models I’d have to paint.

These Goblins are from the old 4th edition box. The uniformity of the models is partially avoided with some variety of clothing and shields, with the spear tufts alternating between red and yellow. The only member who breaks this is the unit musician with his cymbals, and a simple swap for the standard bearer.

A little bit of visual fun was the cannonball casualty. It shows a cannonball cutting down a file of the unit, with the members scattered until the third stopped it. The dead Goblin was from the 6th ed box. The living Goblin right behind him is certainly relieved, with a splatter of blood over his face and shield.

Now that the big unit is done, I can work on some smaller units. More to come.


2 Responses to “Goblin Horde”

  1. Nice work – loving the cannonball casualty!

  2. I never contemplated doing anything with these guys (I should still have them somewhere) but this shows how great they can still look if treated so well!

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